Anne Haimes Interior Design

Our Interior Design Testimonials

“Annie’s palette of ideas from paint to paper never ceased to amaze us. As did her weaving in of fabrics so that the eye moved comfortably around a room and beyond. And then, finally, her ability to come up with the finishing touches which bring everything together and give a home that something special. In this, AHI excels and we have the mirrors, cushions and chairs to prove the point. AHI’s store is a good place to start – after having seen that, ask to visit the studio across the road. Its cosiness amongst a riot of colour and creativity excite without overawing, and Annie and her team will do the rest. We know – we’ve been on the journey!”



“Annie’s gift of tuning in to her clients’ wavelength and of putting forward suggestions which were invariably pleasing, while encouraging us slightly out of our comfort zone on occasion, resulted in a home full of subtle but interesting colour and texture, which we would never have been able to achieve on our own. She also made enjoyable a process which could otherwise have caused us some considerable stress. Annie’s work has been hugely admired by everyone who had visited our home. Thank You!”



“I should like to thank you & your team for all your help re-furbishing the living room. Everything went to schedule and the service was friendly and courteous. We are very pleased with the result & would certainly recommend you to anyone looking for design help.”