Materials Guide For Interior Design Basics Materials are a key consideration in any interior design plan. Not only will your chosen materials play a role in the functionality of your floors, surfaces, furniture and accessories but they also contribute to the atmosphere and aesthetic of your home. For example, carpet flooring is perfect for warm […]


How To Choose The Right Flooring Basics Many people believe that designing their dream home will be a difficult task, given how many different options are available; from flooring to furnishings, and lighting to accessories, there are a whole host of decisions to be made. This is why we ask our clients to think about their home […]


Our Guide to Interior Lighting Basics Your home lighting plays a role in the mood created in each room. It does far more than just illuminate the room – proper styled lighting warms cosy living rooms and brightens open kitchen spaces. Our guide helps you understand how to maximise your home lighting to create your […]