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Swedish Style: A lifestyle concept

Sweden has captured an international market with its distinctive approach to interiors. It’s combination of aesthetic, substance and sustainability has gained Swedish style brands a permanent place in homes across the world.

You might recognise Swedish Style when you see it. It looks light and airy, using simple designs inspired by nature but it feels interesting with with lots of different textures using natural fibres, creating warmth with textiles.

Anne Haimes Interiors has brought a little of the Nordic nation to Henley-on-Thames.   Pop in to the boutique and let us help you tap into that famous Scandi style with our Himla homewares and Ceannis collection.

Ceannis Bag

Invest in classic, beautifully crafted pieces made by Ceannis from high quality materials that will stand the test of time.

Choose from our amazing collection of beautiful Ceannis bags and accessories which balance functionality with aesthetics & sustainability.

ceannis spring deer throw

Ceannis has a passion for beautiful materials, production and design, all combined in a lifestyle concept.

Himla range - green
Himla blue table

Himla represents Scandinavian simplicity with designs based on a foundation in the appreciation of colours, hues, and shades. 

Himla outdoors
Himla peach bedroom

Himla’s stance on sustainability encourages us to decorate our homes not just for the way they look, but also for how it affects our world. 

Himla with nature
Himla Turquoise

Himla creates beautiful textiles for every room. Himla’s Swedish style of using soft, natural linens, wool, silks and cottons gives us the opportunity to add a warm and inviting feel to any home.

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