Anne Haimes Interior Design

Inspiration for the Christmas window!

When the clocks go back and we delve into December we all begin to think about the exciting build up to Christmas. Here at Anne Haimes Interiors we have many gifts and home accessories that can transform your home into a celebration of this special time of year. Many people associate Christmas with colour palettes of red, green and gold… however this year in our boutique store we thought we would show something different!img_4269

We want to highlight the elegance and charm of Christmas, inspirations from watching the nutcracker, and taking strolls in the outside frost, then coming home to the warmth of the fire. These are all memories that we want you to reminisce about while taking a look at our window. Silvers, pink gold and bronzes sparkle as they unite together…

This is one of three fabrics that we will be displaying in our window, the white gold, pink background against the playful white curls creates movement and flow to the fabric, and any accessory that is accompanied with it. Unlike many traditional understandings of the style of Christmas; where heavy dark fabrics dominate, this fabric conflicts these customs.fullsizerender-19

The next fabric is silver and fragile and enacts the design of
falling snow flakes. This almost Indian inspired design is
beautifully detailed; this combined with the first fabric creates a stunning effect, they complement each other with colour and pattern. The silver branches that cocoon the fabric are one of our many Christmas home accessories. They are a great way to embellish your home and bring the feeling of the outside in.


Finally the last fabric is the most bold and dramatic, with vivid floral patterns that entwine colours of blue and purple. This looks fantastic next to the first two fabrics as the pink/purples are emphasised and distinguished.

The colours in the image are captured within this icicle; these glass hanging drops are another one of our fun home accessories!


This is just a sneak peek to more exciting arrivals at Anne Haimes Interiors!