Anne Haimes Interior Design

Be Bold This Summer!


Summer is the time when nature comes to life, colours become vibrant and bright and we immerse ourselves in being outside and soaking up those sunny rays. This lively time of year is reflected with this seasons bold interior design trends. It’s all about the print based textiles and wallpapers; we have taken inspiration from designers like Christopher Farr’s where pattern, vibrant colour and scale are celebrated.  The collection ‘Cloth’ is an experimentation of new techniques, Farr embraces collaborating with other artists and designers to create this bespoke, unique work.


CF2uThese two mood boards illustrate how Farr infuses vivid colours and patterns together, it’s important to never be afraid of mixing block-printed fabric with other patterns and styles. The secret in balancing the elements of the room lies in keeping the same colour way and making sure the scale and space of each pattern is different.

Hand-blocked fabrics don’t have to dominate your space. They can be that element of inspiration you need to develop the style of your room further. For example with this specific pattern there are two different motifs you could pick out, these thin strips are a way to introduce either long faux flower stems or even pendant lights like this lantern into the space. Whereas the second pattern can be emphasised with bold green cushions or leaf/nature themed home accessories like this bark lamp base.

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There are many designers who have adopted this print based method, Kit Kemp from Chelsea Textiles differs from Farr as her work adopts a more whimsical and lyrical style, the designer’s love for animals, both real and imaginary come to life in her work. This folkloric feel demonstrates that block prints do not have to be dominating, but can be feminine and airy. Block printed textiles are a great way to marry colours together. Kit Kemp demonstrates that you can use the same pattern on multiple pieces of furniture or homeware and it looks elegant and graceful.


Many of us shy away from pattern and colour because we think it’s too bold, but block prints can be versatile and diverse. The key is to find the right print, pattern and colour. Be bold and brave this summer!