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A New Year…and a new way of looking at things!

Starting the new year with a new fresh arrangement in the home can be an exciting way of welcoming any new changes you’re undertaking, and of course there are always those key pieces we can’t help but indulge in.  

Make do and move

There is a certain joy in re-imagining what we already have in new and exciting ways, it’s amazing what re-jigging pieces you already have in your home can do, by moving around key pieces you not only get a fresh look, but it can also be cathartic…a great way of starting the new year! As designers we do this in many different ways, incorporating a clients most cherished pieces into a new scheme and introducing pieces from a former property into a new project.

Start with a single room and decide what it is you’d like to add, change or move. The trick is to look at what you already have with an eye to how they can be refashioned or re-used. If it needs an extra lamp to inject more light, do you have a lamp you could move from elsewhere that wasn’t reaching its full potential?

Or even update the lamp with a new shade, we’ve been having lots of fun adding these gorgeous block-print cotton shades to our lamp bases, adding instant colour and pattern and updating our schemes!no. 2


Colour me beautiful

A great way of injecting a new look into a space is by adding or changing the accent colour. You can go bold and do this with beautiful new fabrics, paints and wallpapers, which we are busy excitedly planning for our Boutique re-model, or you can take things slowly. Recover an existing chair in a fabric you love and think of new and exciting ways of using different colours, we love the mix of block colour and intricate detail on this armchair we had made.

no.4 no.3

And don’t forget the little things go a long way too; accessories, cushions, throws and candles can completely change the mood of a room. Adding different textures, shades and weights with cushions and throws is a simple but effective way of changing the mood with each season. A new candle can inject a pop of colour and the scent of a new season and there’s simply nothing nicer than seeing a new cushion you love in your favourite place!no.6 no.5

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