Anne Haimes Interior Design

London Design Week 2020 – by our Designer Emma.

I am a big lover of colour, natural elements and bold designs. The amount of natural greenery in all showrooms was amazing to see, and such a wonderful way to boost acknowledgment of sustainability. The showrooms are influencing designers to help clients to bring the outdoors into an
indoor space.

The link between the greenery and the soft furnishings was created in such a beautiful flow, picking up on key colours and textures within the collections. One of my favourites was a Larson fabric, the contrast in colour was amazing, but it also had a natural texture making it feel super luxurious.

The wall coverings in a couple of showrooms blew my mind, particularly the Colefax and Fowler showroom room where they were showcasing a Manuel Canovas Jaguar fabric on a wall. It’s detail and sophistication brought so much to the space creating a fantastic bold impact. The idea of the design being in a jungle makes it fun and creative.

I also admired the collection by No.9 Thompson, as soon as I saw the wallpaper ‘Tiger in the Grass’ and fell in love instantly. Seeing it as a feature on the main wall as you walked into the space was magical. Something I would have in my home. An idea of using the Larson fabric in the space as the tiger wallpaper would create an amazing story, with the Larson fabric subtly resembling the stripe on the tiger. Why not have the fabric as an ottoman or as a couple of cushions?!

With so many options and ways to experiment, London Design Week creates a fresh outlook on design. I am so excited to receive all the new collections and fabric drops for our showroom and boutique!

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