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It’s beginning to look a lot like winter…

Top Tips to getting your home cosy and ready for the winter season!

Warm Lighting

Rain, wind, sleet, the gloomy winter season is upon us, the long nights and dark mornings causing our homes to lack bright sunlight. However! This doesn’t mean your interior needs to be gloomy. The use of the right lighting can help your home shine through these long days. Whether its lamps, pendant lights, or even fairy lights, these will help create a cosy atmosphere within your home. Try to avoid using harsh lighting, as you want to achieve a calming glow.

Snug Cushions and Throws

Everyone loves to curl up with a book in a cosy room! These accessories are the ultimate way to adding texture and warmth to your interior. Cushions and throws in alpaca, faux fur, cotton, wool will create a cosy atmosphere and style within the room. Spreading a throw over the sofa with multiple cushions enables you to add colour and textures. 

Candles Galore

Firstly, this is a great opportunity to add more festive colours into the space, such as golds, silvers and reds! Secondly, the uplifting scents that surround the room make it truly feel like Christmas. Candles also add a warm glow to the room, really creating that cosy feeling. Also with candles, come candle holders!! Beautiful candle holders will add a luxurious feel to your home. 

Layered Candles

We can’t get enough of candles, so we also have some tips on how to display them to create a traditional, cosy feel! Having your gorgeous candles at all different heights with winter ferns wrapped around them, brings truly festive feeling to your mantlepiece.

Cotton Rugs

Another way to achieve a cosy atmosphere in your home is having gorgeous rugs throughout! Everyone begins to feel that horrible coldness through the winter season, especially on hard wooden floors, help your toes stay warm with some snug rugs. This also gives you a chance to add some stunning designs and textures into your room.

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