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Hello LDW 2017!!!

At design week there were a wonder of delights from a wide spectrum of design were on show to admire and lust over.  Packed full of inspiring talks, pop-ups and installations; it provided a real theatre for your senses. It was definitely a year to remember, leaving us bursting full of ideas to bring back to the studio as well as inspiring us to order new home accessories for the shop.

We have picked out a few of our highlights to give a real ‘sense’ of the event!

Sense: Sight

Julia Begbie’s ‘New Colour Strategies’ talk, tested colour theories and described how to alter a person’s experience through the psychology of colour.

Recently we have experimented by teaming up vibrant pairings which instantly lift a space, adding a sense of fun and youthfulness.

16.03.17 E

Sense: Taste

Cake designer Sophie Cabot, showcased a display of edible delights based upon designs from leading fabric houses, such as the Pierre Frey’s Kagura print and Toni Murphy’s iconic Hamilton Spot. A truly Unique collaboration, and inquisitively admired!

16.03.17 G16.03.17 H

Sense: Smell

‘Style with scent’ was a hot topic hosted by Tatler design club. Emma South of Jo Malone London , discussed how to style your home with scent and its transformative effect on a rooms ambience.

This week, we have received our new spring scents from True Grace; ranging from the classic Bergamot to the more unusual Rhubarb and Vine Tomato. Come in and visit the boutique to discover all the new fragrances we have on offer.

16.03.17 A16.03.17 B16.03.17 C

Sense: Touch

An extremely interactive and informative talk was ‘Beauty without compromise’ by Jacaranda Carpets. They uncovered the secrets of their ethically produced handmade rugs, showing demonstrations on how they are made and the chance feel the range of luxurious yarns used.

Their beautiful Mirage Silver Himalayan rug would sit lovely with some of our grey distressed furniture and accessories we have available in the shop.16.03.17 D16.03.17 F

We hope this blog post has tickled your senses and are inspired to refresh your homes for this new exciting season. Keep checking back on all of our social media platforms throughout spring to see all of our newness arrive!

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