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Diminishing the January Blues

Everyone beings to feel a bit blue through January. Christmas is over, there is a big gap where the tree used to be, and the weather is gloomy and cold…. However! This does not mean your home needs to feel this way. Start the new year by bringing colour into your home, to brighten up the winter months ahead. Here are some tips to help to bring life back into the house after Christmas.  

  1. Introduce a good feeling scent to your home

When you first step into your home you want to feel relaxed and calm. Smells have a strong impact on people.  Candles and Diffusers can help achieve that beautiful fragrance that will drift all throughout your home. 

2. Fresh Flowers

Having flowers in your home will evoke thoughts of freshness and liveliness. Nature is known to trigger happy emotions, they present joyfulness and delight. Their vibrant colours will add boldness to the room. Pick out a stunning vase and create a beautiful flower arrangement.

3. Artwork on your walls

The effect of art on an individual has a big impact. By presenting some stunning art in your home, this can really help to achieve energy into the different spaces, with aesthetically pleasing colours. 

4. Light it up

Nobody likes dark small spaces. Having a well lit home presents a cheerful and open atmosphere! There are so many different ways to play with lighting. A great way to do this is having it at different levels, then you can create great layered lightening, enabling you to have a warm cosy atmosphere or a bright sunny atmosphere depending on your mood.

5. Vibrant Cushions

Cushions are such an important feature to your home. They can present happiness through their bold patterns and colours. Sticking to the colour theme of the room, scattering cushions around on beds, armchairs, sofas will really help achieve adding not just a stylish accessory but an energetic atmosphere. 

6. Little Luxuries…

Having a few stunning accessories through your home will help you feel the magic of Christmas without the glitter and baubles. Add in a few little luxuries such as mirrored trays, potted orchids and beautiful hurricane lamps, to make your home feel special all year round.

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