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Design tips to make working from home productive.

Separate your living space from your working space

When your working at home, you want to avoid any distractions, and make sure your head is in ‘work’ mode. Having a separate space in the home that is just for work, then becomes a place for action, and focuses your mind in a similar way as going into the office. It also keeps the other spaces more sacred for family time and relaxing, and saves you from doing lots of household chores that might be in your eye line!

Sit right….

There’s nothing worse than feeling uncomfortable and having the wrong chair posture while trying to focus on work. Having a straight backed chair is not only good for your back, but will also feel more professional. It’s very easy to slip into ‘relax mode’ when your sitting on the sofa.

Let there be light!

I’m sure we have all sat in offices with florescent lighting that gives you a headache, but now you are in control you can bask in natural sunshine! Allow as much natural light as possible into the room, to stop you feeling claustrophobic whilst your stuck indoors. It should also help avoid headaches and tiredness and keep the electricity bills down!

Add Green to the space

Research has shown that exposure to nature and greenery increases worker happiness and reduces stress. So as well as all that natural light, invest in some indoor palms and ferns to bring your working space to life.

And vibrant colour and patterns!

You don’t want your space to look dull and gloomy. Therefore, by adding bold, stunning colour into the space, it will really help achieve a fun, happy space to work in. You want to feel uplifted while working and having bright colours around you will add energy into the room! Colour is motivating!

Keep it tidy 

Keeping your desk organised will help mentally to feel more at ease while working. Having storage options, such as shelving and bookcases, can be a big time saver when trying to find documents quickly. You can also be creative with the shelving designs!

Adding your personal touch

Your office needs to be a space that you enjoy spending time in. Therefore, add your personality in the design. Add framed artwork, photos of your family or items that are important to you, anything that keeps you feeling happy. But keep in mind to not over do it, making it feel cluttered, keep it simple. 

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