Paint And Wallpaper

What To Consider When Sourcing Paint And Wallpaper Styles and Furnishings Choosing between paint and wallpaper can be a tough decision. And that’s before throwing in extra design choices like colour schemes and patterns. At Anne Haimes Interiors, we’re here to relieve your home interior design stress by advising you on the best way forward. […]


Minimalist Interior Design Styles and Furnishings Minimalism is an interior design style that focuses on space and only the bare essentials in accessories and furniture. The style is popular for its simplicity and functionality – keeping homes feeling fresh and clutter-free. One way to think about your minimalist interior is, if you can live without […]


What Is Chic And How Can It Improve Your Home? Styles and Furnishings Adopting a signature interior design style makes re-vamping rooms simpler and more focused. Colours, themes and individual features can be narrowed down, and you can be sure the room will reflect your desired atmosphere – from warm and welcoming to subtle and […]