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Design Advice for you and your First Home

When buying and moving into a new home, the initial thought of decorating such a blank canvas can be a daunting feeling. However, these key factors should give you some guidance and bring all the excitement back into designing your first home.

Things to focus on…

  • Take your time
  • Plan the layout of your home
  • Invest in quality
  • Design a good lighting scheme
  • Avoid clutter
  • Express yourself

1. Take your time…

Buying a house is a slow process, so understandably once you finally get the keys to your dream home you want to make your mark instantly. However, designing a home is a lot easier once you know how you are going to use the space. After living in your new home for a while you may discover a sunny corner perfect for a reading chair, or you realise that shower pressure really is important to you and is an absolute priority to fix. Try not to rush into important decisions.

2. Plan your layout…

When you’re designing your home it is very easy to find things you love in all the furniture and design shops you visit. However, often when you get all these items home they don’t fit in the room or clash with existing pieces. Having a clear plan helps remedy this, allowing you to create a clear idea of what you need and save you over buying!

3. Invest in Quality…

After buying your first home your wallet might be feeling the strain, but buying low quality items are a false economy. Quality lasts, and is crucial in making the design of your home long term.  You’ve paid a lot of money for this property; treat the design as an investment as well, to save yourself having to start from scratch a few years down the line.

4. Lighting…

Lighting is the most undervalued element of the design process; good lighting can instantly make a new house feel like a home.

A good way to achieve good lighting is to design a layered lighting plan. Try to think about how you want the light to feel in the room and which key elements you want to highlight. The colour of the light is also an important factor. Your Kitchen is likely to need a bright engaging light whereas your bedroom will want a warmer cosier feel.

Also consider the natural light that comes into your home, consider how much daylight comes through your windows, and how to include that into your design. Think about the views from your windows, and whether you want to highlight them in the design of your home.

5. Avoid clutter…

Everyone feels tempted to buy lots of new decorative items to fill the available spaces for their new home. However, this can result into over cluttering your rooms. You do not want too much going on in a space, having empty spaces in the rooms is good to have. If you over clutter, this will take attention away from important decorative pieces, you want a space to feel relaxing and not over complicated.

6. Express yourself…

Be brave! Your first home is great way to express who you are, don’t be scared of colour. After years of neutrally decorated rented flats this is the time for you to focus on colours you love. When we design a home, we design it to match our client’s personality. Your home should be your sanctuary.

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