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Contemporary Curves

The trend for contemporary curves is set to skyrocket in 2019. Many of the furniture designs we saw in the SS19 collections, have softly upholstered curves and with this, we have the opportunity to add a new dimension to a room layout. In a room that is angular or boxy, a curved sofa will add an interesting element. It will also add variety as well a sense of softness to the overall scheme. Take this lead and embrace a more shapely design aesthetic to your home!

Curved sofa

On-trend scalloped edges, crescent silhouettes and graceful curved corners are taking over both furniture and accessories in the home. Rounded edges are taking shape in the season’s most inviting chairs, sofas and more.

Curved Furniture

Curved furniture can lend its charm to all manner of furnishings. From barrel accent chairs to arched coffee tables, bringing well-rounded elegance to your space.

Barrel Chairs

The circular and soothing organic shape, will soften the harsh corners & offset the straight lines of a room. This will give a gentle feminine vibe, making it feel a more relaxing and inviting environment.

Curved sofa

To reflect the trend in your own home, bring in anything from a statement curved sofa and other larger furniture pieces, to smaller items, such as mirrors, pictures, lighting and side tables.

Reflect the trend on your own home with contemporary curves

The easiest way to incorporate curved furniture into an existing design scheme is to opt for a single statement piece. You don’t need to think this trend is just for large rooms, a gently rounded occasional chair will often sit perfectly in a small space.

Contemporary Curves Statement piece

Coffee tables with curved silhouettes give a striking contrast to the straight edges of modern sofas or any adjacent seating.

Circular Coffee Table

Upholstered ottomans will instantly soften even the most formal interior scheme. Doubling as both compact seating and occasional tables they are low-profile, versatile, and project casual elegance.

Curved sofa & Ottoman

Bring groups of contemporary curves together, this will allow you to move things around freely.

Curved Coffee tables

No sharp angles mean curved pieces are very tactile, as well as being extremely functional in homes with small children.

Curved chair & coffee table

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