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The Good Feeling of Greenery!

Greenery has made a huge impact in interior design this year! Interior design is not just about a room looking good; the way your home is designed affects the way you feel. Greenery has been such a huge success within home styling…Green is everywhere. It’s the most common colour in the natural world. We associate green with vitality and fresh growth. We use green in design for spaces intended to foster creativity and productivity, and we associate green with revitalization. With all these positive connotations to this vibrant colour you may be wondering how you can introduce it to your own home? Well here are a few tips!

Vogue’s article ‘The Home Decorating and Interior Design Trends to Look for in 2017’ talks about the impact of greenery and how to use it in different ways; whether it’s as a wall colour or a room-filling rug. However If you’re not too keen on the idea of using green in large doses, Lawrence-Bullard has a suggestion: “Add really fun emerald glasses to your regular white plates and suddenly you’ve got that up-to-the minute look.” This important point acknowledges that with any current trend it never needs to dominate a space, green is very easy to introduce into any room. Even if it’s just one plant in the centre of a coffee table or whether it is a large shelf filled with different plants!Gallin-Los-Angeles-Home_11

If it’s small doses of greenery you’re looking for, our home accessories might do the trick! Like our green tumblers, or our Kew green jug which you could even fill with white flowers! It’s all about thinking creatively and making something ordinary eye-catching! As bronzes and metallic are in trend now, how about combining these two styles and taking inspiration from our black/gold bowl? Place this in the centre of a table and fill with vivid, green apples! If you are someone who likes to stick with a minimal look, how about purchasing a set of silver frames and filling the frames with pictures with green in whether it’s landscape, food or nature! Picture frames are a great way to introduce bursts of colour, our new silver plated 20×25 frame would make a statement on any shelf!unnamed (17)

The article ‘Look Inside Some of Designer Sandy Gallin’s Most Coveted Homes’ is a perfect example of using greenery in an understated, modest way. The clever use of plants on tables or shelves doesn’t just bring colour, but also creates height and shape to the room. If you find your room has lots of blocked shapes like furniture, books and mirrors, plants whether their faux or real have an ability to unite the room.

However, if you want to make a statement you may want to look at designers like Manuel Canovas where imaginative, lively designs reflect the wildness of nature. Travel is a clear influence within the makings of ‘Serendip Turquoise’ and ‘Malfa Emeraude.’ These creations can be made into cushions, curtains and wallpaper and are a perfect way to celebrate this year’s energetic style!11f900b2b0feb831dd7308279805d0b4 a6b6ad0a6bf9b0aa7dd0c3d79bc360a8

Other ways of making a bold statement are hanging lanterns with long, wild ivy growing from inside, trailing outwards and placed in a high kitchen corner. You could even place a plant next to our string of hearts battery operated loom lamp and allow the light to illuminate the green; this would look fantastic in a conservatory or kitchen.

I hope you can now feel inspired to interpret greenery in your own home in 2017!