Anne Haimes Interior Design

Time for Autumn…time for change

Autumn is the perfect season to make a few tweaks to your home, and this September we have some exciting new trends that are sure to catch your eye! It’s out with the old and in with the bold, brave and beautiful autumn!

Here are a few of our favorite new styles…

Velvets – Velvet is a fabric that balances elegance and comfort. Velvets can vary in composition, silk, cotton, mohair or manmade fibres and come in a whole array of colours, it’s distinctive texture brings warmth and glamour to a room, without it feeling too dense. You can introduce velvet in a big way and reupholster pieces of furniture, or you could just have a couple of cushions peppering the interior space to make a subtle statement.  A great way to give punchy highlights  to your room, as shown in this illustration.


The colour Blush! – Autumn doesn’t have to be all about the warm, darker colours. If you want keep to a softer palette look no further than elegant blush. You can use blush in many ways, either as a statement and have a abundance of it in a room creating an allure, or you can use snapshots, mix it with gold, with indigo or deep charcoal creating drama an updated vibe to a mid-century style interior.


Deep, Dark Green – This year we have all been obsessed with Pantone’s colour of the year! As autumn and winter starts to introduce themselves, so does the darker tones of green…combine this colour with natural wood and leather, accented with brass, burnt orange and copper. Now you have a perfect room to hibernate in!

Don’t know where to start? Why not add a burst of this hue to your cabinets! It will compliment neutrals, pinks, soft furnishings, gold and even monochrome.

So go on… Experiment, adapt…. see what trend will suit you and your home this season!