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How to Build a Room Around a Signature Piece

There are so many ways to structure a room, if you have a big space and are unsure on how to create shape and movement, the best thing to do is find a ‘signature piece’ to be the focal point. A signature piece doesn’t have to be a grand chandelier, you can even have a signature piece in a small space. These can vary from furniture, wall art, a rug, or even a collection of items like different sized candle holders. This item can inspire you by its form, texture or colour. Sometimes one item can unite the room together, it’s just finding the right one that can be difficult…but here are some tips!

  • Make sure your ‘signature piece’ has personality and reflects who you are
  • The signature piece must be a desired element of interest, sophistication and even fun into an otherwise sterile, unloved space.
  • You can use more than one signature piece in a room
  • Don’t be afraid to play with scale-  if it’s huge add accessories that complement its size without making the room feel too full. On the same note, if your piece is small, surround it with small pieces to stop it from getting lost.
  • Make sure the colour compliments the colour scheme in the room
  • Be confident and playful with combining styles
  • Look at the big picture and make sure you step back and take a look at the room as whole, look at the room from different perspectives and make sure the signature pieces fit’s well in its environment!
  • See what colors and shapes are visible so you don’t lose perspective. If you’re overthinking the nitty-gritty details the whole room can feel wrong.
  • Be daring with color, You can make a huge impact in a space by painting any of its architectural features, or by highlighting a wall to create a focal point that grounds your decor.
  • Add surprising accessories, accessories are also great signature pieces that instantly make a statement. You can inject a dose of fabulosity by incorporating fun, sculptural decorations in your design.

Here are a few examples from Pinterest of how designers have used this technique:

pastels statmenst

Wall Art is an expressive way to bring movement, texture and colour into a room. This interior interprets the painting through the vibrant colours and lively movement. The abstracts motion of the paint highlight the different shapes in the room, the blocked books and striped rug contrasts to the twisting shapes of the flowers bringing life and versatility to the room.



Timorous Beasties furniture are a perfect way to make a statement in your home, their use of vivid colours and detailed designs are most certainly eye catching. They are a great inspiration to build your colour scheme and style in your room.
statment chair

Mirrors are also a great way to create impact in a room, they can make spaces look bigger and lighter. I love the composition of these mirrors that vary in size and shape, the curvature of each mirror accentuates the arched movements of the furniture, the side table and the spiked interior accessories. These distinct, diverse shapes also emphasise the bold shape of the sofa, lamp shade and coffee table.  This collection of mirrors bonds the room together and allows the rooms to embrace movement and colour.


We have many ‘signature pieces’ in our boutique…

From wall art to clocks, and many mirrors

Statments from shop

Check out our pinterest for more ideas: