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Making your home scent-sational

Use a combination of candles and diffusers to create a scent scape, in the same way you would with visual styling; a house filled with familiar and comforting aromas makes us feel instantly at home. Smell is closely linked to memory, so use it to create a sense of peace and calm or a more energetic, uplifting spirit in your home; a beautiful scented candle can totally change the atmosphere of a room and give a clear indication of the type of space for which each room is intended to be used.

Room fragrances should be layered to create a stronger and longer lasting scent, using different forms of the same scent will deepen the room’s ambience. Reed diffusers offer a subtle scent all day long, which can be intensified with a room spray or scented candle.

At Anne Haimes Interiors, some of our loveliest home fragrance discoveries this year have been from Lilou et Loïc, a British brand with a Scandinavian sensibility. The sleek iced silver and white striped hatbox-style candle boxes, the contemporary-look wood and glass reed diffusers….everything about this brand is cool, modern and tailor-made for a cocooning evening in, whilst the product design works beautifully in any home. Their internationally influenced home fragrance collection has been inspired by their travels offering sophisticated and intriguing scents inspired by different places around the world, to transport you away from the mundane present, and take you to a relaxing state. Their signature oversize bath products and candles presented in stylish hand-made iconic designs work equally well in classic or contemporary spaces.

Bring back memories of Mediterranean poolside or beach relaxation with their Grapefruit & Basil refreshing citrus fragrances which brings sunshine into your interiors all year round, with the basil, thyme, and splash of woody-amber tones capturing the rich Mediterranean flavours.

Whether you spent your summer on safari or enjoying the beaches of Zanzibar, Lilou et Loïc’s Moroccan Wood & Fine Leather fragrance can recapture those African memories. The exotic blend of smoky wood infused with rich orris, patchouli, and labdanum is inspired by their days spent exploring the winding alleyways in Morocco’s enchanting medinas.

Lilou et Loïc’s home region of Scandinavia is home to “Scandanavian gold”- amber. During the winter, the many heavy storms stir up the bottom of the sea and send the amber with the waves to the beach, which inspired their Black Amber & Saffron scent.

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