Anne Haimes Interior Design

A day in a life of an Intern at Anne Haimes Interiors

My name is Becky, and I am a third year Interior Design and Architecture University Student. I began my internship in August last year and have enjoyed working here ever since. I have been able to observe professional and experienced designers throughout my time here, learning their design methods and seeing their gorgeous Interior projects come to life. 

My first few weeks at Anne Haimes was very interesting and I gained such valuable experience. The designers had just begun an Interior Project around the corner from their studio. I was able to be part of the whole design journey, seeing the house at the very beginning right through to the transformation and end result. 

The designers were given a brief and had already created all the presentation boards of colour schemes and furniture choices. The clients were to go abroad while their home was transformed in 7 weeks. This gave the team a set deadline whilst working to a budget. 

Anne brought me along to site visits, where I was able to observe her discussions with tradesman, such as electricians, plumbers and builders. Many challenges arose through this process, especially as it was a dated cottage. I was able to see Anne come up with quick, practical solutions, which helped develop my knowledge of construction issues. 

One of the designer’s roles is to choose fabrics and colour schemes for Client’s homes. Observing her go through designer fabric books, such as Colefax and Fowler, Osborne and Little, Pierre Frey and many more, enabled me to learn the different companies’ styles and designs. Before this internship I had limited knowledge on fabrics, but due to my experience of working closely with the designers I am now able to pick out fabrics for clients.

Once all the tradesman had finished their work, the designers were able to dress the house from top to bottom. They talked me through room layouts and the reasons for choosing certain accessories for specific rooms, as well as explaining what colours work well together and how to display the ornaments. I am now confident in room layouts, not only from my hands-on experience of dressing Client’s homes but also from observing the designers change the studio displays and the Boutique window. 

The final day of the project and being able to see the outcome of the design was truly inspirational. Being able to observe throughout the entire process showed me how much hard work goes into designing an interior. When big or even little challenges arise, there is always a practical solution. I was able to broaden my knowledge and skills significantly, and it made me feel more determined to achieve my goal of becoming an Interior Designer.

This internship has really helped my own development and I have grown in confidence. I have come across challenges and pushed myself more than ever before.

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